Ice dams can wreak havoc on your roof and interior drywall if left unaddressed. While snow and giant icicles may seem gorgeous, the harsh winter can cause severe damage to your home. That is why you must hire home inspection services to address this issue before it worsens. Home inspectors are highly-trained and qualified to identify signs of damage, get minor repairs done, and help protect your property before any problems occur.

With that in mind, T M Inspections has compiled some ways that can help you protect your Kelowna Home from snow and ice damage.

Seal Windows and Doors

Gaps that occur around windows and doors can make it extremely difficult to keep the house warm. Therefore, to increase your home’s energy efficiency, you should use caulk to seal the areas or install weather stripping. This inexpensive fix can help you save money on heating costs.

Protect Your Pipes

Water expands on freezing. We all know this, right? But, what about the water in your pipes? It freezes too! Due to which your pipes can crack and burst out, causing potential damage to your property. To prevent this from happening, you must drain all the water in the outdoor faucets and sprinkler systems. Also, you should disconnect outdoor hoses, and protect outdoor faucets and all pipes running through unheated interiors with insulation.

Clean Out the Gutters

An ice dam forms when ice or snow melts during hotter times of the day and refreezes during the night, which clogs the gutters. Therefore, during heavy snowfalls, you must make sure that the gutters are properly cleared to prevent ice dams from building up and causing an expensive damage to your house.

Watch Your Roof For Snow Overload

Inspect your roof for icicles and ice buildup throughout the winter. If you hear popping noises or your roof appears to be sagging, call a roofing contractor immediately to remove the snow over your roof. Icicles often indicate that heat is escaping from your roof. So, you wouldn't want your roof to be overloaded with icicles. In case you are wondering how you can remove snow near the roof’s edge, use a telescopic roof snow shovel.

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